Wiccan and Ghost

by Selena

When I turned 13 I learned I am part Wiccan. My sister put together a circle, people who she thought had powers. I know I am because of my blood line, but also because I have used magic.

One time when I was mad at my sister I relighted my candle that was out for two hours. My sister actually cursed a girl into being sick.

I can't say that is all. You see my house is also haunted or I am either way. When I was younger I woke up in my parents bed (I was really young and this I remembered because it has since changed my mind on religion.) I woke up and saw a bright gold light that looked like a body standing by the foot of my parents bed. My mom's cat turned around and if felt like she told me to go back to sleep. A few months after, I believe, my mother's cat died.

Also when I was in grade school I fell asleep with one of my lamp lights on. I woke in the middle of the night and looked at the end of my bed. I knew something was there, so I turned and looked at my TV. In the reflection a man was sitting at the end of my bed. The scary part is I know he is still here. I can feel his eyes all the time and I can smell smoke, like cigarette smoke, but no one smokes in my family.

Also when I was younger I used to fall asleep with my hand over the edge of my bed and always felt someone hold my hand. Most of the easy stuff happened when I was younger. Now I hear songs being sang to me in my sleep and instead of feeling someone I hear them walking around.

Sometimes I just sit in a room for a while and my eyes move to a spot I swear I feel someone is at. I can also sense ghosts in other houses. I never have talked to one, but I have felt them and my sister actually can figure who they are.

My sister also has dreamed of the past. She dreamed of a train wreck then she searched the year on the date and there it was.

I don't know if this is cause of the Wiccan blood in us or just something we were born with.

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