Witches of the Dead

by kaylee
(new boston)

When I was walking in the woods in the late afternoon of Saturday, I heard some odd laughter coming from deep into the woods. When I curiously walked further and further into the woods, all of a sudden, I couldn't see! Everything was all blurry and I couldn't see, but I keep hearing voices inside my head telling me to go back where I came from or else bad things will happen.

The problem was that I couldn't see. I tried to turn back where I was going and run back home, but I can't cause I was blind! They kept telling me "*laughs* you are not leaving aren't you little girl? you must be very brave to be here with us... *laughs*"

I yelled to them bravely but yet shyly, "I can't see! I'm somehow blind and I am trying to go back home, but I can't cause I can't see!" they went silent and all of a sudden, I can see again but I wasn't at the woods no more.. instead I was at a hospital looking at my parents while they look at me back.

They told me that I was playing around in the woods and end up getting sick and that I had passed out. I didn't remember getting sick nor passing out. All I remembered was walking in the woods and heard odd laughter deep in the woods, following the noise, until I couldn't see anything... that's all I remember. But if I told my parents and people who work in the hospital; they all would think of me as a liar, a tall tale teller, or even a mental problem girl who don't know what she's saying and be ending up into a medical hospital surrounded by soft jail to not hurt myself or others.

When I was in my own "lalaland" in that moment, I heard laughter again, but this time more fierce and more challenging. They said to me this, "*laughs* we told you little girl to leave or else. We given you an amnesia and something else that you need to figure out on your own time girlie, but if you see us again little girl, we promise to not go easy on you! *laughs*"

I felt sick inside as if I could pass out again and I did...

When I woke up the next day, I realized that I was at home in my comfy bed, laying there still, and being cautious. I looked at the window and saw a green light flashing in the woods and remembered what the odd images told me. I felt sick again just thinking about that and hearing their laughter in the distance waiting and possibly watching me to go back into the woods again (and possibly never be seen again because of my curiosity on strange things).

The second thing they've done to me was never yet seen or heard from but I know something was up when they too said that I need to figure it on my own. Believing what they had told me, remembering being blind, and just hearing their weird laughter just made me change for life and not able to be myself anymore.

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