With Dark Eyes Came Strangness

by Beth
(HorseshoeBend, Idaho)

I was in 8th grade and still in Junior High, and I had to go to the High School for Science and Art. The school I went to was a gossip hot spot, everybody was always saying something about somebody.

In this case I heard through the grape vine that there has been the arrival of a new student into the High School a couple days ago and that he was really into art. I suddenly felt a strong pain develop in my stomach, when they had mentioned it was a boy, "Oh he's so dreamy," A blonde chick, who always would follow me, blabbed away, "With his dark hair and dark eyes. I can't believe he never wears anything but black isn't it weird?"

I nodded, too weak in the stomach, I was afraid to speak for I though I might throw up. I don't know why I've never reacted to anybody like this, let alone I don't really react to anybody at all, but for some reason I was getting all sick about someone I hadn't even met. She continued her babble as I walked to art, "He's an amazing artist so he decided to join art today and for now on actually, but he's such a dick I mean seriously he never really pays attention to anybody and not to mention he practically has no personality..."

"Can you just shut up?!" I snapped.

I just wanted the feeling in the pit of my stomach to go away. I could tell by the look she gave me that I was the next victim of gossip, and she glared and stormed into the High School without me. I sighed and and went into the High school by myself.

As I approached the Art Room door my heart had leaped to my mouth, and I was shaking really bad. My vision had gone blurry with fear. I swallowed hard and I entered the room. I was the last to arrive, because I had to walk from the Junior High to the High School. My eyes swept the room not seeing any boy with black hair, black eyes and a black attire, so I decided I was safe for now and took my seat which was by myself at a the table, I liked it that way because I had grown accustom to it.

"May I sit with you at this table?" a deep alluring voice spoke, but as soon as it did my heart began to pound with fear. I looked up and nodded, so he wouldn't hear it in my voice that he had struck me with fear. He sat right next to me and I heard the room go quiet. I could feel that people were staring us down. I peeped a look at him and regretted it for it sent fear chills crawling across my skin, making my hairs stand on end. I saw he had a sketch pad out and that his chair was angled toward me. When I went to turn back around he grabbed my face, "Don't move."

He sounded bored but agitated and I was trying not to burst into tears I was so scared, but didn't know why, everyone else seemed like they weren't afraid of him. At the end of the period, I literally sprinted out of the High school. I was extremely glad that art was the last period of the day. Outside I ran into my brother, I felt that I was crying.

"What's wrong?" He asked looking like he was going to beat someone up.

I opened my mouth to speak, but all that came out was, "Someone flipped me off."

My brothers posture relaxed, "silly-"

He was interrupted by a bored sounding voice that send the chills down my back, "May I walk home with you guys?" It was the dark boy from art.

"Sure!" My brother replied cheerfully.

As we were walking I kept noticing him looking at me with a blank expression the whole way there. Boy I was glad to be home. And he walked home with us everyday, but few weeks later he moved, or so the school claims. To this day I am still really confused why I was so afraid of him.

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