Woken From A Dead Sleep

by Michael

There have always been strange things going on in my house since I was little. My family and I live next to a large cemetery (two different cemeteries in one location). I have heard my name being called before but none of my parents have called me. But that is not my story.

This happened to me recently, like maybe a year ago. It was a Saturday morning and my parents were awake downstairs. The sun was out and coming in through my bedroom window. I was in a deep sleep, when I was suddenly awoken by what seemed to me as two people arguing about my cousin. It was so vivid that I heard it for about 30 seconds after it woke me up. After it stopped I went downstairs and asked my parents if anyone was yelling about my cousin. They told me that they were not. I also remember one of the voices sounded like my Uncle. Very strange.

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