Wolf-like Creature

by Tasa

When I was young, about 7-8 years old, there was a beast sighting in my grandparent's village. For a few days there where rumors about a wolf-like creature lurking in the woods. Animals were slaughtered and eaten alive.

But one night a human was also attacked, an 18 year boy, who was going back home. He was scratched and hurt and was unconscious when people found him. He was unconscious for days and couldn't explain what attacked him.

This leads me to my experience. We were at cottage celebrating my elder sister's birthday when we heard some kind of noise. We went out, a couple of us, and saw local hunters shouting at some kind of creature that looked like a wolf but standing on his back feet, and his front feet were longer than back.

They shot it a lot of times and I don't know what happened.

This happening was announced in the state newspapers and I still have this article. I remember that creature was called "screamer" in my village. I always convinced myself that this was some kind of dog-wolf mutant, abomination of incest or something. But who knows...

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