Woman In Tree

by Sudre

20 February 2012

This isn't a scary story, but baffles me how it happened. To me the whole situation smells like the working of a supernatural being.

This morning I woke up like any other day. On my way to work I noticed a newspaper heading 'woman in tree baffles city residents'. I stay in a small city in the middle South Africa. One of the guys that works with me stays in that area and was there and saw the body. It must have been in the tree for a very long time, she was already decomposing. But what baffles me is that it's a very big and high tree. And they say they body was in a very weird position. Nobody can figure this out. How did she get up so high?

The fire brigade had to cut the branches of the tree just to get access to her body. Is this only my imagination that tells me its supernatural? Anybody else think so too? I'm kind of freaked out right now.

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