Woman Screaming in the Woods (for years)

by Anthonyjoe Delgado

Now this extremely strange occurrence hasn't happen in a few years at least. Or maybe it has, but now because I drink and the only time at night when it would happen, I would be buzzed smoking a cigarette and I wouldn't notice it (kind of a blessing really). I'm from Shelton, CT (by the way, I noticed that popped up a few times here) and this started happening for a few years after I first moved here. I'm 22 years old as of now, so this was happening between grades 8-12. The part of all this which kinda throws me off is, my younger brother experienced the exact same thing. One time we got my aunt to come out at the right time to hear for herself, which she did. She froze up, said flatly she didn't hear anything and went back in the house and went to bed early and would not speak of it.

Now the phenomena that I'm speaking of is late at night, usually it started around 11-12. I would hear a woman's scream emitting from the woods in my backyard. Now I've been in these woods a lot, I know them like the back of my hand. The direction from which they came is not where any roads nor houses end or are located at. Now this scream was always high, shrill and made goose bumps rise on my skin. It was brutal. You ever feel pure fear? Like that.

I'm not the type of person who really reacts to situations like these. More than once I've been in life threatening situations and only laughed. Yet, hearing this woman screamed was comparable to hearing fear. Within a minute or two of this woman(?) screaming, a group of dogs could be heard barking. I've been around dogs all my life, I have one now and I could tell there must have been 4 or 5 all together. I don't believe more, but it has been some time since hearing this.

Now once the pack of dogs could be heard, for the next 3 or 4 minutes I was able to follow the woman's screams and the dogs barking through the woods and track their progress. Starting off at the left and making progress to right, around the size of my land which is an acre.

Judging from the noise level and the fact at one time I had the courage to get as close as possible to the woods without going I could tell they were no more than 500-600 ft in. This happened randomly, at all hours of the night and at any season. Even in winter, for years. Yet, my neighbors never said a thing, nor did the girl next door who was my age. Apparently my family and I only experienced this. As I said before, my little brother heard the exact same thing, one of my best friends heard it, and my aunt now denies it ever happening. I have no idea what it was, but I do know this, I am not the nicest of people and known for having a dark side and rage, but hearing that? Horrible. I despise it and makes my spine shiver and I hope I never experience it ever again. Ever.

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