Women's Locker Room in Old Town

by Becky
(Pocatello, ID)

I just got done walking the tread mill and went to the women's locker room. As I was getting my locker open, I heard the door to the bathroom/showers open. I paid no attention and continued pulling my stuff out of the locker and setting them on the bench behind me when I noticed a lady sitting on the bench uncomfortably close to my stuff. She was looking down with her black curly hair in her face sitting in a bathing suit.

My first thought... she was trying to rob me. So while I was gathering the rest of things I made small talk. I asked her how her swim went and she answered in a very monotone voice, "okay". And when she looked up at me she had a pale face and her eyes were big and black.

We stared at each other for what seemed a long time. I couldn't get over her eyes. As I continued to gather my stuff from the bench, I was about to tell her see ya and all I seen was the glass door to the bathroom/showers closing.

It had been less then a second. There is no way this lady could disappear that quick out of view.

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