Worlds Are Closer Than You Think

I don't know where to start. It's not scary, it's just not natural.

Since I can remember I've always had a gift for seeing things before they happen. Through out my life I've had snap shots of what's yet to come in my future. I've seen fights with girlfriends I didn't meet for 4 years after the dream. I've seen my baby daughter not yet born. And I know it means nothing, just that I'm a bit crazy and strange.

When I was five I had an imaginary friend. Except he would get things for me, move them around and stuff. He'd tell me stories of battles he'd seen, people he fought. He even taught me how to fight, got me into martial arts which defines me today.

But anyway, this friend, one day he said he was done, that he was free.

I never saw him again.

A psychologist could have a field day with that.

But when this friend left I started noticing other spirit type things, just their presence. A little tingle that lets you know they're there. That the spirits are watching you for good or ill.

I lived like that until I was 17. Then I met my girlfriend. I love her, she's amazing and I never want to lose her. Oh, and she sees dead people. No really, she sees the deceased lost and confused as they wait in the next world. They've talked to her, given her advice. She found out her Gran died from her Gran. According to her they listen to me, obey me even. Like they're intimidated (long story).

And yeah I know I sound ridiculous. But if two ordinary teens can see so much of these other worlds, why can't everyone else? What stops everybody from seeing the worlds outside our own? What did I, and everyone else who's been given a gift, do to get it? Were we chosen? Is it fluke genetics? Is it some weird magic shit to do with our souls?

I don't know, but I know the worlds that exist and we know, are not the only ones we have to worry about.

I wish I was lying.

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