Your Name Is Sin

by Si Sasha n

Let me tell you, this... changed me. I wasn't Christian, but I didn't believe in Satan. I didn't believe in anything, apart from myself. I don't think I can trust myself now, though.

I was 13, and had just come back from the Central Market with the Crux key (a cross-man thing who is wise) from Fairy Tail, and I was looking up how to summon him (as a joke to my friends). I was looking on the Fairy-Tail Wikia and I went to pick up the key, which I had placed on my desk.

When I touched the key, It burnt my hand and dropped to the desk. It had been floating a few centimeters above it. I went to pick up the key again, and it's was cold, and as I looked at it, I feel an overwhelming surge of fear.

As I looked back to my monitor, The screen went blank apart from red dripping down from the top, forming the words 'Awakened'. I restarted my computer, and when I got back on the internet (I don't save tabs) the first this that came up was this site. I closed my eyes, and in that moment, I couldn't control myself. Before me appeared a face, a terrifying face, burnt and... horrible to behold.

'You fate has been chosen. Come, Sin.' The voice was deformed, crackling with power. My name wasn't Sin, why did it call me that? The face loomed closer, and it's breath smelt like carrion. I tried to close my eyes, I struggled, but, as my eyes were already closed, I was forced to behold this demonic man. Suddenly, my eyes opened, and I was looking through my eyes, yet I could not control myself. I seemed to be amazed.

'Yesss...' My voice came, but I did not say anything. 'This will do... Thank you, master...' Suddenly, I could control myself again, and I began to type this.

Please help me, I don't know what to do, and I'm afraid of myself. It's hard to write my name now, I feel like I'm forgetting it. Help! I can't even choose the picture for this... 'Sin' seems to want this one...

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