You're Joking!

by Paloma

I wasn't so "agreeable" when my best friend told me her room was haunted. I mean, come on, are you seriously going to believe that sort of nonsense?! I was laughing my butt off when she told me.

"Madison," I told her, "you don't expect me to believe that. Do you?"

She exclaimed, "Greg her stepdad doesn't lie about that kind of stuff! He said he saw my door knob shaking when everyone was asleep while walking to my room."

I looked at her, "Your imagination! Preposterous!" She rolled her eyes.

The next morning (about 8am), we woke up and Madison stood up to go open the door. All of a sudden the door knob shakes angrily, "Greg! We know its you!" I yelled and opened the door. I looked around, Madison's sisters' door was closed and she was fast asleep. Greg was in the living room watching a movie with the 2 dogs.

I froze and Madison looked at me with an evil smirk, "Its your imagination...preposterous..."

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