Illness Part 1

by Cirque

In the summer of 2012, I had gotten deathly ill. But before I was all out sick, I was acting strange. My reflexes got incredibly good. I was out walking about two days before the illness set in, with two of my friends. We liked to play fight a lot, so we were like punching each other's shoulders and things like that. Then my friend, (let's call her Amber), was behind me, but I didn't know that. All of a sudden, my hand flew behind me, catching Amber's fist an inch away from the back of my head. It looked like some kung fu move, and needless to say they were speechless. It was never spoken of after that, but I was still weirded out by it. Lots of things like that happened after that.

We were sitting on a roof, about 15 feet high, when my cousin threw the ball we were playing with off. He got yelled at by the others, and I said I would get it. Without thinking, I jumped off of the roof. The others kept screaming that I was going to break my legs, but somehow I knew I would be fine. I landed almost gracefully, on my legs and one arm, like that pounce position cats use. Silence. I looked behind me, and saw four dumbfounded expressions.

"H-how did you d-do that?" stuttered one of my cousins. I just shrugged, got the ball, and climbed back up. Rather quickly if I do say so myself. They gave me either weird stares or were asking me how I did it. To be honest, I don't know. I just acted on impulse and it turned out well I guess. I told them I had to leave, I was getting a slight headache. One asked if I wanted the ladder or not, to which I flipped him off and took the ladder.

When I got home, I was extremely tired. It was only five o'clock, but I went to sleep on the couch.

I didn't have dreams, but nightmares. You guys have seen Tim Burton movies before, right? Well my nightmares were like that, they were twisted and... I don't even know. A mix between David Lynch and Tim Burton, truly weird. After that, it was darkness, not dreamless, but darkness, like my dreamworld was in a dark room or something. All I remember is it was warning me of something, but what?

I woke up with a start, only to find I was in agony. It felt like every bone in my body was shattered. I was also hot, sweating profusely. I tried to get up, only to fall down on the floor in pain. I couldn't walk. At first I thought it was from the roof thing, but wouldn't it hurt when I was walking home?

It was only ten at night, so I called for my mom. What else was I supposed to do? It hurt badly to breath, and my ribs were aching like I was beaten the hour before. My mom came in, and saw me curled up on the floor, she freaked out and asked if I could stand. I managed to sit up gritting my teeth, and stand. I started walking to the family room, it seemed the pain was getting better, no longer sharp, but more of a throbbing dull pain. I could deal with that. My mom said I was very pale, and sweating a lot. My headache was still there, but I felt more alert, like I knew something was going to attack soon. My mom looked at me and asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I growled and said I was fine. I hate hospitals, they just take your two thousand dollars and say nothing is wrong with you that they can find. I know from experience, and so does my dad.

She looked at me worried then grudgingly said okay. I decided to go back to sleep for the night. If only I had known, that this was the calm before the horrible storm.

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