Illness Part 2

by Cirque

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Here is the continuation of my horrifying summer. The one that scarred me for life and has kept me wondering what else is out there.

Fast forward one week after the illness started. During that week I could barely walk and was in horrible pain. Like, bone shattering, teeth gritting pain. I had gained an allergy to sunlight, but that was not so strange since both my mom and dad had allergies as well. Mine was severe, if I was near any bright light or sunlight for an extended period of time I would black out or vomit. I constantly had to wear pitch black sunglasses even just in a bright room.

My father sent me out to get something from my grandfathers house, and my cousins were there. They seemed a little weary around me, and said I looked pale (more than usual) and had dark circles around my eyes. And to clear things up a bit, yes my father was the type to send his deathly ill daughter to get stuff for him. But anyways, my cousins described me as a ghost of my former self, they said I looked vampiric.

Back to the week later, my family was going on vacation to Galveston, Texas. I didn't sleep the whole 26 or so hours there, I just acted skittish, jumping at sudden noises, biting my nails, etc. fast forward again. (Brief description of what happened the next three days: I fainted a lot, was scared of my own shadow, and wouldn't eat.)

My family gave me complete hell. Telling me to buck up already, that I was just a little sick and that I shouldn't be a brat and ruin their vacation. So that's what I did. I pretended like nothing was wrong. That I wasn't in the worst pain imaginable. That I wasn't terrified of everything around me. That I was fine. I had an irrational fear of everything around me and winced if anyone layed a hand on me. I apologize if this appears choppy I have a hard time remembering fine details from those months without getting upset...

So about four days into vacation, we went on the ghost tours. You may have heard of them, the Galveston ghost tours? Well the city had massive flooding yada yada yada. But I was both looking forward to it and incredibly nervous. Me, my mother, and my sister were the only ones on the tour, besides the tour guide of course. So we did the standard thing. But when we were taking a short cut through an alley... This is where I lose my breathing, sorry readers. While I'm that alley I could see many, many people being murdered. Right before my eyes. No one else in our small group said anything but I started freaking out in my head.

I had a promise to keep, don't ruin their vacation. So I walked through there, watching helpless people get murdered to bits, screaming out for me to help them. One lady in a Victorian style dress looked me in the eye while she had her throat slit. I believe she may have been a prostitute from those times. Others looked at me and gave me the evilest looks I've ever witnessed... I can't describe it.

At the end of the tour (other things happened I just won't bore you guys with ghost stories) the tour guide lady asked if we had a good time. Now here's a little humour, my sister is a fake. She's the type of "spiritual" person who says she can communicate with ghosts and uses Oujia boards etc. She tried telling the lady that the places weren't really haunted cause she didn't see any ghosts. Even in my horrible agony I laughed in her face and I appeared insane.

This story is no where close to finished, I assume there will be five parts to it. Please tell me what you think is going on with me or if you've had similar experiences and read part 1. I'll finish later I have to go.

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