by becca !!!
(Valencia, California)

Okay when I was little I saw a lot of crazy stuff!! As anyone knows who has read all my other stories. Well in my story called Blue Figures and the Monster in my Closet I would see demons. Well I only talked about the first demons I would see. The second demons I would see were pretty freaky. I would call them shadows when I was little. I first started seeing them when I turned six, one year after first seeing the Black Eyed Being.

The first time I remember seeing it was my birthday. I was six years old and had gotten a pretty bell princess dress. While my sisters and I were playing princess I dropped my milk on the ground because Hailee (my oldest sister about 12 at the time) bumped into me and made me trip. My other sister Hannah ran down to tell my mom so she could help us but she told my dad instead. Now my father was just a bit drunk so when he heard he was outraged (I'm not sure why - it was just milk). He came upstairs and picked me up and threw me at the wall of my bed room.

When I looked up I saw my dad all mad but also a very, very big black figure behind him. He had huge claws and looked at my dad like a hungry animal. I was so shocked by the sight I couldn't move from that spot. Long story short my mom came to the rescue and took us all for a drive while my dad cooled down. They divorced not too long after, but I saw those things for at least two years after this. They always seemed to follow people who were depressed and sad. The thing seemed to mimic their inner thoughts and feed off of there anger, sadness, and depression.

Now I'm 15 and I was thinking about this after digging up that dress. It brought back a lot of bad memories so I burned it. The next day my friends were all talking about their worst nightmares so I told them about this and my friend Italy's (this name has been changed) jaw almost hit the floor. She then told me about when she was very little and had turned off the TV and saw a huge black figure behind her. Its claws extended to look like it wanted to grab her. It had sharp teeth and had a hungry look in its eye. When she turned around it was gone...

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