Sylvie Part 1

by Pikachu (Not gonna post my real name for safety reasons)

Part 1:

My name is Adam. I used to live on a beautiful tropical island. But that was before the incident. Before her. Now, I am 90 years old, about to die, but no matter what, I must tell you about my encounter.

Back when I was a teenager, I lived in one of those neighborhoods where almost EVERY house looks the same on an island. One day, me and my friends Alex, Tony, and Sam decided to hang out up in our treefort. It was on this fateful day that some very life-changing experiences occurred.

After dinner, I bid my mother farewell and went to see my friends. It was a dreary day. Rain poured down on me as I walked down the block to my friend Alex's house where we were all supposed to meet. When I got there, no-one was there. I spent several hours looking for them (please note that back in my day, there were no cell phones or laptops or all these hip doo-da's ya'll have).

Finally, I spotted someone on the street. It was a young girl. She had a short, knee-high, flowing dress and SILVER hair. Not light blond or anything - literally SILVER hair and she appeared to be holding something. Cradling it in her arms. I thought nothing strange was going on, and spoke to her. "Have you seen my friends?" She turned around and I saw them. Her eyes. They were normal, except for their color. They were as dark of a red as blood. Then, she spoke to me.

"Hello. My name is Sylvie. Wanna play with me?"

Her voice was as smooth and soft as silk, the most beautiful voice a man could ever hear. Even though I was a bit intrigued by her red eyes, I didn't feel scared. Until I saw what she was holding. Alex's severed head.

I ran.

I ran to what I thought was Sam's house. But, since I wasn't thinking clearly and all the houses looked similar, I ended up in someone else's house. Sylvie was at the table. Hovering over a carcass. Eating it.

To be continued... click here to read Part 2

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