Sylvie Part 2

by Pikachu(not saying my real name for safety reasons)

continued from Sylvie Part 1

I was utterly disgusted and sick to my stomach, but still, I ran. Finally, I found a mailbox labled: SAUNDERS (Tony's last name). I found the door open. Just like the other house. What I saw still pains me to this day.

My friends were there. Sitting on chairs in front of the door. Grotesque smiles on their faces. They were... half eaten! I then saw Sylvie sitting on a chair in the middle of the line of chairs. "Wanna join me for dinner?" she said. She... she ripped out Tony's kidney and ATE IT! I dashed out, sobbing.

I ran to every house, seeking help. Each door was unlocked and the people in each house were all... eaten or torn apart. Finally, I had only one house left. Mine. I stepped inside. My mom was hanging from the ceiling lamp by a noose. Her entrails were hanging out and had toothmarks on them. She, like all the others, was half eaten. And yet again, there was Sylvie. Eating my mother!

I can't bear telling you this story any longer, but I must re-count all these horrible memories...

I raced off to the shore, (remember that I lived on an island) took my mom's speedboat, and sailed off. I was sent to a local orphanage where I was raised. No one remembers the island anymore.

Thanks for reading my story. I'm so very sorry you did. Sylvie is standing in front of me, ready to eat me, and now that you know what happened, she'll come after you too!

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