The History of Vampires

by Brandon
(Trinidad and Tobago)

In The Vampire Origin Story why didn't Ambrogio feel the thirst to kill Selene although he was in love with her? Wasn't Selene human? Sooner or later the thirst always wins.

Good question, Brandon. My guess is that there were two factors at play. The first being that many times in myth and story love does, indeed, conquer all (though many times it does not). Ambrogio very well may have had some bloodlust when it came to Selene but it wasn't even mentioned in the legend, which leads me to believe that it if it did exist it was not strong enough to bother mentioning.

The second consideration to make is that Ambrogio was a human who piece by piece took on the qualities we know today as those of the vampire. Being the prototype, chances are he was actually quite different than the "offspring" that came later. Remember, it was his and Selene's mixed blood that gave him the power to recreate his immortality in others. Like any biological need, the bloodlust most likely came after Selene had died, when their combined blood became true "vampire blood".


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