The Hooded Figure (part 2)

by Lexi

(Read Part 1 here: The Hooded Figure Part 1

A week ago after what had happened, I woke up in the middle of the night I stared around my pitch black room. I looked at my alarm clock 3:45 am. I laid back down and went to sleep. I woke up again 6:00 am.

I sat up in bed and looked around my room. I noticed a red stain on my comforter. I looked at the stain it looked like blood. I follow the stain that lead straight to the window of my room. I looked at the window; the only difference was a slight crack at the base of the window. I remember shutting the window all the way. Now it was slightly open.

I look at my bed. I saw tiny scratch marks on my bed posts like there was a struggle. I look at my sheets which was completely messed up. Hanging off the bed.

I tried to calm myself and find a sound explanation but I could not keep my eyes off of the evidence that was right in front of me.

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