The Man With Glowing Eyes (Part 2)

by Cherry

So since I posted my first story on here (the man with glowing eyes) I've had the dream again.

So this time in my dream I wake up in the same room in that same old home and run downstairs. It's thundering and raining really badly like always, but this time I'm wearing blood red silk pajamas. Anyway as I'm running around looking for something I stop and look out the back door, but when I turn around he's just standing there leaning against the door frame, except this time he's only wearing black jeans and a black tank top and boots all his fingers have big sliver rings on them.

He's exactly the same as last time except the clothes, but this time he speaks to me in another language and as he's speaking he walks closer and closer until he has me trapped against the wall. He leans down til he's just inches from my face and says "'Til we meet again".

I looked on Google and found out he was speaking Latin. I only remember what it meant in English which is "You'll remember soon my love".

I'm wondering if maybe this is all from a past life or something I honestly don't know...

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