Vampire History

by Snow

I an the writer of the story Help Us!!! that was written on this site. One thing you guys don't understand is, yes I really want to be a vampire, I'm sick of being a human, but my grandfather and one of his sons are vampires too.

Ever watch the Tyra Banks show? Her Halloween special was on real life (fake if you ask me) vampires. My uncle was one of those. He was a blood vampire. My grandfather was a real one. He could control his fang length, he found things to be brighter when he first changed. He said that what he did was he became actually very ill and turned to a witch (wiccan member, I'm not one but I have a friend who is one) for help.

She said he was so ill that there were few ways to heal him. One was to become a vampire. That, my uncle told me, is why I am what he calls a progressing vampire. Since he was spelled, he said that the immortal in him was somehow passed down to me. He said it skipped over my father and down to me, as my dad doesn't believe in this stuff and is not one himself.

I have become very involved in the paranormal (which means anything that can't be explained with a simple scientific answer) and it appears that I am strongest in clairvoyance or remote viewing, which you can look up. I do have a wiccan friend who performed the same spell on me as I do trust her with my life and we share common obsessions, a few being the paranormal and Black Veil Brides.

Now, I do understand that people are not going to believe what I am saying and I am truly sorry if you are to narrow-minded to understand the concept of this. I am very healthy and I am very much a vampire. Not a full vampire as I am still in the changing process, but I am a vampire.

Sadly, my grandfather did die, but not of the illness that once threatened his life. He actually was killed by hunters who didn't want him going after their families, yes people still do that. We didn't want many people to know that, as I was there when it happened, so to them, he died of cancer as he was a fire fighter and he did smoke.

If you have any questions on anything, please leave a comment and I will answer by addressing you by your given name.

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