Encounters With The Strange P1

by Ivan R.
(East Texas)



A hello to whoever may be reading this. This is just a basic summary of experiences I have had with a couple of friends in the area of East Texas; From bigfoots, and werewolves, to spirits, and the fae as well.

I'll start off with a previous friend (Zach) of a friend (Kat) of mine, who told a story about his own encounter with a werewolf type creature. On one of his birthdays Zach decided he wanted to go out and search for a werewolf for whatever reason, down a road ironically name Wolfe Road; And down that road is a dirt path that leads off into the forest.

So Zach and his family went out to the woods behind his house, and placed raw meat on the roof of a car and placed a stuffed dummy inside. He and his family staked out in a nearby abandoned shed and watched. Minutes later an upright candid with a dark coat of fur walked out from the woods. The creature then jumped on top of the car, grabbed the meat and attempted to break inside the car to get to the dummy; but gave up after awhile, (either because it was not worth it, or it realized the dummy was fake) and makes off with the meat back into the woods. Later on his mother wanted to do the same for her birthday; they got the same results but with both meat and dummy taken, and a damaged car.

The following report was taken from my school's newspaper, they had a link online but it's was recently removed. The girls mentioned in interview that it could have been a chupacabra.

“Where did you spot it?" – "I first saw it coming down Eastside Road."

"What did it look like?" – "It was white and looked somewhat like a HUGE dog, but it ran really weird."

"What was it and what were you doing in order to see it?" – "I was driving, and it ran out in front of me."

"What was your reaction and what was its reaction?" – "I was in shock, and I didn't say anything. It just kept running across the road.”

…And that was pretty much the end of that, I wish there was more to that bit of the article, but unfortunately not. However I still have our sightings to tell.

The first sighting relating to my group of friends started out with a little investigation of a creature reported by one of our friends (Eli). Eli told us her experiences with a werewolf like being; such as silhouetted figures at night by her window, and strange noises in the woods next to her house. Her family even had their own run-ins with whatever was out there behind her woods. We investigated the area, got followed, heard plenty of things crashing and howling in the distance of the thickets. Found a root with a bite mark, hair, structures, and other things; but all in all those were definitely not related to any werewolf, and we later figured it was just a bigfoot.

After the investigation we left an apple in a clearing close to Eli's house, and a day after a pyramid of sticks was left there. Eli tried to pick up the stack but it collapsed and suddenly a road came out from the woods and trees started swaying, needless to say she skedaddled out of their pretty quickly. Eli and Kat also claim there is a ghost out there in those woods, claiming to feel and see things, they even found a child's dress with a blood stain on it in a pile of trash in the middle of the woods. I wouldn't know since I haven't been there in a while though, and Eli has moved since.

Editor's Note: You can read Part 2 of this story here. You can read Part 3 of this story here.

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