Encounters With The Strange P3

by Ivan R.
(East Texas)



Editor's Note: You can read Part 1 of this story here. You can read Part 2 of this story here.

During 2011-2012, those sightings had decreased since the drought and the fact we barely go back there. However there have been a couple of those bigfoot/werewolf sightings, as well as with demons, the fae, and other things.

During 2011, Kat had been visited again by a werewolf; she called us at our house whenever Jules was spending the night with us. She told us she was watching on the computer for awhile and got off, when she heard a scream from one of her neighbor's geese. She looked out her window to see a shadowy figure jump across the creek by her grandmother's house. As her eyes adjusted a bit she saw the creature leaning against a tree glaring up at her with yellow eyes, it had a tail swinging in the breeze and stood pretty high. There confrontation lasted for a few minutes before it ran off again. However it was hard to say exactly what it was, but she guessed it was the werewolves again.

Kat went to look for any evidence by her grandmother's house. She had smelt a scent that something was dead, and she could also feel something following her, and then suddenly a growl came out from those woods and Kat tore off towards her house.

During this winter of 2012, Kat and I decided to go walking in the woods at night again. We walked to the where the trail split off into two directions, and by then Kat and had a bad, unnerving feeling in our guts. We heard crashing and movement next to us as we stopped, I shined my flash light to the left trail and looked over at a fallen tree I did not recognize. I asked Kat about and she too began to look at it, something about that tree was “off” so to say.

One of her dogs that were walking with us at the time walked up to the tree to sniff at it a bit, and just then two eyes peaked out from the tree. We turned around and walked quickly thinking nothing much of it. Halfway to her house we both heard a loud crash and thuds against the pavement. We began running back to the house and stopped at the porch. Kat had spotted two yellow eyes bobbing up and down through the brambles before we decided to go inside to tell Kat’s mother what we had witnessed.

As we explained the dogs started going crazy and barking at something in the brambles. I jumped outside to investigate and I made a couple a noises. Kat was standing her ground near the porch as I was pacing to and fro, just after I made a howl something growled back at us, but I failed to hear because I was busy doing my own thing; all I saw was Kat running back into the house. The nights following strange howls and growls had been heard.

Now as for the 'demon' story, this has actually been going on since I was in the seventh grade; I used to be extremely paranoid during this period. I was in my room sleeping, my bed facing towards the door which was cracked open ajar just a bit. I remember having a dream that I was in school and taking notes until the bell rang. However when the bell rang it sound like a high pitched ringing noise which later turned out to be a scream as I woke up.

It definitely wasn't a dream now as I stared out into the hallway through my door and saw a white figure that was just mist screaming for what seemed like some minutes before it stopped. As I recovered I hear my terrier, Whiskers, growling and looking out into the hallway. I woke my sister up, but she heard nothing but the dogs barking outside.

After that incident I had heard whispers in the corner in my room, and breathing in my ear, and shadows lurking here to there. I told Kat about the ghost and she went to spend the night at my house during the weekend. We went around the house asking it questions, and asked for it to do something, however nothing occurred and I claimed that it probably had left since. It wasn't after awhile until it had followed Kat home, or so we speculate. Kat started off with seeing shadows in the corner of her eyes, and objects moving from their original places. The entity tried to find ways to frighten Kat apparently since it kept trying new things, like flickering the lights on and off, until Kat told it to stop.

Later on the sightings escalated into loud violent scratches underneath her pillow, bed, and even inside the walls, to breathing, and whispers, objects being scattered, thrown, and etc. During one of the night she spent at my house, the entity had whispered into her ear asking "WHY?" very loudly as she slept in my room, while Jules and I were in the room across from mine. She came up talking loudly and nervously and I had already figured what it was, and we all slept in the living room instead with my sister.

The second time she was at my house she saw a deformed shadow creature in the top corner of our bathroom, looking down at her. When Eli came to visit her during vacation, she had threatened to rid it by spreading salt around the house after messing with her objects and scaring them some bit. The entity stopped for some days after Eli's visit but came back, and slightly, became less noticed around whenever Kat just started ignoring it. During this period with the entity both Kat and I had witness depression/anxiety.

Kat has also seen the fae a couple of times, her first happened to be a strange brownie-elf like being that popped up recently and seemed to have taken a liking to her, she's seen him once or twice. The last time she spotted him, a book had flown off her shelf and as she turned around she saw him sitting by the window, grinning. He had appeared differently, and felt more negative than before.

Another run in with the fae she had seen glazes and sparkles of light at school and she looked at the shelves in her classroom and saw all sorts of fae smiling and looking at her. I think may have had some run in before as well. I remember during one of my sleeps at night I woke suddenly for no reason and look to the side of my bed. Underneath my nightstand I saw a bright radiant light glowing. I popped my head to see what it could be. I caught a glimpse of a bright orb glowing, I guess when it noticed me it just turned off and like that it was gone. I was baffled but went back to sleep trying to wonder what the heck I just saw.

Another time I couldn't get sleep and I was pacing around in my living room and saw a bright orb dash across the room and disappear. I have also seen white glazes and sparkles before, and a feeling of being watched and sometimes a thought would enter my head saying that the fae are here.

So that's pretty much a few of the sightings we have around the East Texas area, and the only we had thus far.

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