Encounters With The Strange P2

by Ivan R.
(East Texas)



Editor's Note: You can read Part 1 of this story here.

After the investigation Kat said she had heard something clawing on a shed that is up on a hill by a mobile home that her father rents out to people (however no one lived there at the time), she sent me an audio but I couldn't distinguish anything, she just informed me they were eerie howls. Kat used to find huge paw prints on her driveway about the size of her hand (no large dogs around her area) and much bigger than her dog’s paw (a Labrador), but no longer to this day.

At another time my sister, Kat, and I decided to film around in Kat's woods and for a few scenes for a parody, on the way there I saw what look like a cross between a man’s foot and the toes of a dog but with extended claw like features, ironically our camera had died but we still trekked through; Kat and my sister exclaimed that they had heard and caught a glimpse of something moving in the patch of woods next to us(and also across the lake) we followed it, and then after a while a loud uproar growl turned into a high pitched howl/scream that just seemed to roll like thunder. My sister and Kat got kind of freaked out since it sounded so close but we continued on anyways, before we got pounded by hail, and probably even laughed at by the creature we went after.

Another sighting was when Kat was dropping off her buddy off at her house and driving back to her own (they don’t live too far away, just a block away) when a slouched over dog-like creature, gray and brown in color, ran in front of them and continued on across the road. In matter of fact we have seen two things down that road before at night; one was running by the woods and another swinging from a tree by the fenced off outlet at the end of the road. Her mother witnessed this as well but believed it to be a large dog, the only biggest animal you can find around there is donkey; except it is not near Kat's buddy’s house and is kept in a pen. Kat had also had something banging on her door, and knocking on the floorboards beneath her house (there is enough room under there that you can basically crouch down underneath her house).

During one of my visits, I went for a walk outside at night, during that stroll I had heard what sounded like claws scratching against metal. So I looked to see where the sound was coming from, and there in the fields next to us was a pylon and next to that was a set of glowing eyes. Whatever it was seemed to scratch at the pylon every time my sister, Kat, or I got close to the field. There are usually horses in that field during the daylight hours, although I never heard those noises whenever they were there.

During 2010, our trio returned to Kat's woods to investigate with one of our newest friend (Jules), who was interested in all the stories we had told her about Kat's woods. We returned there during a hot and humid day of summer. We all had a goal in mind but eventually our team decided to just take a hike around the lake while Jules and I kept with the goal.

We entered the forest where we had originally heard that load growl/howl, and entered a swamp which we had also been to before during the summer, with the only evidence being as returned howls, knocks, and whoops in the distance. Never once had any of our friends decided to go across the swamp since usually it was too wet. However an opportunity was given to Jules and I, since the water had ceased during the drought, and we crossed the swamp and came to a patch in the forest where tent like structures were formed and vines hanged from trees.

We looked inside one of the "tents" and find a compression in the ground and large foot prints were also noticed on the forest floor. We traveled further and tried to grab the attention whatever was out there, we heard nothing until a crashing came through the forest and rather nearby. I couldn't see whatever it was, as I heard it was passing back and forth through the brush, since a fallen tree had blocked our path from us to it (or it to us). We left after it became quiet and reported our 'evidence' to Kat and my sister, who were getting tired, and hot, just walking around trying to look for us.

Editor's Note: You can read Part 3 of this story here.

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