Large Shadow Figure

by Lexi
(Illinois )

The creature that plagues my dreams

The creature that plagues my dreams

I wrote the experience titled The Hooded Figure Part 1 & Part 2. This experience happened August 12, 2012.

There was a star shower that night so I watched the shooting stars with my mom on our trampoline. I felt my hair being tugged but thought nothing of it. It became more aggressive so I mentioned it to my mom. She didn't believe me so I didn't say anymore of it. I sat up because I started to get a headache. I looked beyond my pool and saw a large shadow humanoid looking figure. It was at least 6 foot, it had a hunched over appearance and looked very muscular. I saw no features only darkness, but the one thing I could see was hairs outlining it.

Fear clawed at my mind. The only thing my mind thought was, Death. I thought I was just going to be another tragic story on the news. I tried to get my mom to go inside but she wouldn't. I felt the creature enjoy my fear and the adrenaline of my panic. I watched as this shadow thing crumbled to the ground. I heard a scuffling noise and I lost it. I started to cry and begged my mom to go inside. I thought this is it, these are my last memories and I'm going to die. I'm going to be labeled as the victim of a strange animal attack. What if they never solved my death, or caught whatever this creature is?

I could hear this thing crawling under the trampoline. I could sense this thing getting ready to attack me from behind. I finally got my mom to get up I ran to the back steps. I watched the ground to see if anything moved but all I saw was darkness.

Once I was inside I told my mom about this creature. She laughed and said I need to stop watching so many scary movies. The next morning I walked outside to the spot where I saw the creature. I stood where I saw this thing stand. The grass was gone all around it the grass was perfect and green. But this one spot was complete dirt.

As well with getting involved with vampires I have got involved with werewolves. What could this creature have been? My family has this thing with "mythical" creatures and my family is very secretive. I feel as if there is a secret they are keeping from me.

Ever since this experience I have nightmares of being ripped apart, and being killed. In every dream it's a werewolf that tears at me, I will wake up in sleep paralysis and I will have extreme pains. Just recently I have woke up from a nightmare crying in pain and my fingers were bent like claws.

I've notice that I'm starting to become a different person. More aggressive, I fight a lot, my eyes started to shift a sort of darker brown with goldish tints. I have started to feel very lonesome and I often feel a sort of helplessness. I feel like I'm being hunted down and stalked. What is happening? Don't say puberty because I've already been through that. And what could this creature be I have witnessed?

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