Vampire Love Poems

The most famous vampire love poems in legend are the 44 poems that the first vampire wrote to his true love in the vampire origin story. According to the legend, a young man named Ambrogio fell in love with Selene, a young maiden who served Apollo at his famous temple in the city of Delphi.  Delphi is where travelers would come from afar to hear the prophecies of the Oracles, also known as the Pythia, who were said to have a special gift - they were able to have the gods speak directly through them, offering prophecies and glimpses into the future.

In the story, Apollo grew upset with Ambrogio for trying to take away one of his worshippers and punished Ambrogio by essentially beginning the process of turning him into a vampire.  Unable to see Selene by day, Ambrogio would kill a swan each night and use its blood to write to her.  This practice lasted as long as he had arrows to kill the swans, which ended up being 44 nights.  Thus, there were 44 love poems from the first vampire to his beloved.

I am pretty sure these poems exist somewhere, but since I have only gotten to see glimpses of it to this point, I'm can't be sure.  If I am able to get a hold of them and translate them, I'll post them here.  In the meantime, there is one poem that is believed to have been written by a younger vampire to Selene, the mother of all vampires.  You can read that poem by clicking here.

Please be careful, though.  Poems, spells, and incantations used to summon supernatural beings can have unwanted side effects. readers have reported hearing strange noises and feeling sensations in the middle of the night.  Read the poem at your own risk.

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