The Vampire Origin Story

Part 4


When Selene arrived at the dock she found Ambrogio's ship and met him down in the hull.  There was a wooden coffin with a note on it, telling her to order the ship's captain to set sail, and to open the coffin only after the sun had set.  She did as the note said, and after sunset she opened the coffin to find Ambrogio alive and well.

The couple sailed to Ephesus, where they lived in a cave during the day and worshiped Artemis at her grand temple every night.  They lived happily together for many years, never touching, never kissing, never having children.

After a number of years, Ambrogio's immortality allowed him to stay young, but Selene continued to age as a mortal.  She finally fell ill and was on her deathbed.  Ambrogio was distraught, knowing that he would not join Selene in the afterlife because his soul still resided in Hades.  At night, he went into the woods and found a white swan swimming alone in a small lake.  He killed the swan and offered it to Artemis, begging for her to make Selene immortal so they could stay together forever.  

Artemis appeared to him.  Thankful for his years of dedication and worship, she made him one last deal.  Artemis told Ambrogio that he could touch Selene just once - to drink her blood.  Doing so would kill her mortal body, but from then on, her blood mixed with his could create eternal life for any who drink of it.  If he did this, Artemis would see to it that they stayed together forever. 

Ambrogio wanted to refuse, but after telling Selene what happened, Selene begged him to do it.  After much convincing, he bit her neck and took her blood into his body.  As he set her limp body down, Selene began to radiate with light, and raise up to the sky.  Ambrogio watched as Selene's glowing spirit lifted to meet Artemis at the moon.  When she arrived, the moon lit up with a brilliant light.

Selene became the goddess of moonlight, and every night she would reach down with her rays of light to the earth and finally touch her beloved Ambrogio as well as all of their children - the newly created vampires who carried the blood of Ambrogio and Selene, together.

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