The Vampire Origin Story

Part 3


Before morning for 44 days Ambrogio slew a swan and used its blood to write Selene a love poem.  After draining the blood and taking a single feather he offered the body of the swan as a tribute to Artemis, the goddess of hunting and the moon, and also sister to Apollo.  He hoped that even if he could not steal her bow, she would be honored by the tribute and would be able to convince her brother Apollo to remove the curse.

On the 45th night, Ambrogio had only one arrow left.  He shot it at a swan and missed, the arrow sailing into the distance.  He had neither the blood to write Selene's poem nor the swan to sacrifice to Artemis.  He fell to the ground and wept.

Seeing how good of a hunter and how dedicated of a follower Ambrogio had been, Artemis came down to him.  He begged Artemis to let him borrow her bow and an arrow so he could kill one last bird and leave one final note to Selene.

Artemis took pity on him and agreed to let him borrow her silver bow and an arrow.  He took the bow, and in desperation, ran to the cave that led to Hades.  Artemis realized what was happening and cast her own curse on Ambrogio.  The curse caused all silver burn his skin.  Ambrogio dropped the silver bow and fell to the ground in pain.

Artemis was furious at his deceit, but he begged her for forgiveness.  He explained the deal he was forced to make with Hades, his curse by Apollo, and his love for Selene.  He apologized profusely and swore that he had no other choice.

Artemis took pity on him again and decided to give him one last chance.  She offered to make him a great hunter, almost as great as she was, with the speed and strength of a god and fangs with which to drain the blood of the beasts to write his poems.  In exchange for this immortality, he would have to agree to a deal.  He and Selene would have to escape Apollo's temple and worship only Artemis forever.  The catch was that Artemis was a virgin goddess, and all of her followers had to remain chaste and unmarried, so Ambrogio was never allowed to touch Selene again.  They could never kiss, never touch, never have children.

Ambrogio agreed.  At least this way he and Selene could be together.  He killed another swan and left Selene a note telling her to meet him on a ship at the docks.  Before dawn the next morning, she saw the note and ran away before Apollo could notice.


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