Real Life Vampires

There are literally thousands of vampire legends throughout history.  Nearly every single culture on the face of the earth has some kind of myth about undead, blood-sucking creatures that relate back to vampire mythology.  

Naturally, the legends are not all consistent with one another, though there are many common threads throughout the various cultural myths.  In order to take a more analytical view at vampire, we must do a little scientific-style hypothesizing.

From here on, on this site when we refer to "vampires", we are referring to what we call "Real Life Vampires", meaning, if vampires exist, this is what they are most likely like.  We define this by taking all of the vampire legends throughout the world and combining them into a single, non-contradictory image of what a vampire would most likely be if vampires exist.

Our Real Life Vampire is defined in the following pages, and will give you the most accurate idea of what vampires are like.  There are many reasons to believe that vampires do, in fact, exist, and that these descriptions are as accurate as one could reasonably get to the reality of what a real vampire is like.

If you want to skip straight to the ultimate vampire resource guide, try our page regarding Facts About Vampires.  This page also contains some questions and answers from our readers.

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